Hello~ My name is Fuu, I'm a 27 year old freelance artist who specializes in illustrative works in a more "anime" or "cartoony" style. I do art commissions, commercial works, and fan works from time to time.

Programs I excel in:
- Paint Tool SAI (10+ yrs)
- Photoshop CS5/CC (12+ years)
Programs I'm familiar with:
- After Effects (2 yrs)
- Sony Vegas/Movie Studio Platinum (8+ yrs)
- Clip Studio Paint
In process of Learning:
- Illustrator
- Blender
- Unity
Formats I've worked in: .PSD, .SAI, .PNG, .JPEG (cmyk), .GIF, .MP4, .MOVTypes of work I am familiar with: Illustration, Graphic Design, Animation, 3D Textures, Character Design, Pixel Art


Email - [email protected]
Discord - Fuululu#1429
Twitter - @fuululuu
Queue - Fuululuu-Arts



  • The T.o.S MUST be read before comissioning.

  • Please provide clear reference images of your character.

  • Payment is taken upfront via paypal.

  • If a deadline is needed, please specify while filling out the form.

  • Commercial fees are available for artwork that will be used on merch/for sale. They will be negotiable, depending on the commission type.

Will Draw:

  • Commercial works

  • Furry/Kemonomimi/monster

  • humanoids/aliens/etc

  • anime/cartoon

  • original/copyrighted characters

  • ffxiv/rpg/videogame characters

  • armor/weapons

  • mech/robot

  • gore/blood

  • NSFW/BDSM/Suggestive content

  • wings

  • any gender/sexual identity

  • any race/ethnicity/skin color

Won't Draw:

  • Underage NSFW content (loli/shota/cub/etc absolutely not to be drawn nsfw)

  • Pokemon/digimon ocs (gijinkas are ok)

  • feral/full anthro (digigrade legs are ok)

  • complex wings (feathers are death im sorry)

  • extreme fetishes (scat, dismemberment, hyper etc)

  • cars/vehicles (willing to negotiate)

  • extreme violence

  • Politically controversial pieces

Terms of Service

- Currently I am unable to have a permanent schedule.
- Inconsistent work flow/timing is due to my physical disabilities. I currently have chronic pain, which can inhibit work flow.
- I am able to work with deadlines if needed, please give me atleast a week to complete.
- If you have any questions/concerns, don't hesitate to contact me!
- Files are sent via google drive.
- Bulk commissions are allowed but keep in mind they take longer to complete.
- My work is absolutely not allowed to be used/sold as a NFT. I do not consent to be associated with crypto and NFTs.
- My work is absolutely not allowed to be used/sold with AI generated pieces. I do not consent to my work to be generated with AI technology.
- My work is absolutely not allowed to be sold, merchandised, or edited. If commercial rights are given, there is an exception. Commercial use must be permitted before using for profit.

(( Updated 7/5/22 ))
★ Payment & Fees ★
- Must be sent upfront either; a partial (down payment) or full payment depending on what is agreed upon with the client.
- Must be sent through PayPal, I do not currently offer other payment services at this time. No bitcoin or cryptocurrency.
- Are Non-Refundable unless I, as the artist, cannot complete the commission. In that case, you will receive a partial refund equivalent to the amount of work I’ve done or minus fees.
- Payment plans are negotiable with orders 120$ and up.
- Commercial use pieces are an added fee (50%)
- NSFW pieces now have a fee (10-15%)
- Bulk orders will have a fee (depends)
- Rush orders will have a fee (25%-50%)
- If you do not have proper reference(s) then there will be a design fee (50%)
★ Commercial Use ★
- Pieces include; merch designs, logos, graphics, mascots, etc
- Pieces that already have the fee include; emotes, panels, overlays, and icons.
- Fees will be +50% of the price of the project. May differ depending on the project.
- Is required for projects that the client is expected to profit off of advertising, promotions, etc.
- Clients that have paid the commercial fee may reproduce artwork in forms of printed merchandise, physical products, etc. - They have permission to do so as long as credit is given and the art is not fully claimed as their own.
- Does NOT fall under NFTs. I do NOT associate with NFTs or crypto.
★ Terms Client Agrees To ★
- Supplying clear and concise information regarding what they would like for the commission inquiry. Visual reference(s) are essential.
- Available social sources regarding communication on the commission. Must be available for sending WIPs, giving feedback, supplying questions/answers, etc. Discord, Email and Twitter are preferable.
- Specifying their needs with clarity. Open to communicating with the artist in a simple yet concise manner. Please do not overwhelm with text documents.
- Any major changes must be made within the sketch stage (ex: pose, expression, outfit, resketch, etc) Too many alterations will result in fees.
- Being patient. I have a queue usually and it is publicly accessible. If you need a commission done by a specific date, I am willing to work out a rush order with you. I am a one person artist and artwork does take time in between everything else that I do.
- Be aware that I, as the artist, have the right to decline a commission at any point.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding commissions~!


Bust Shot - - - - 55$
Pin Up - - - - 85$+
Full View - - - - 95$+
Add a background - - +25$ or more
NSFW Fee - - +10-15%

What to expect
- A fully colored illustration of your character(s) with the view of your choosing.
- Pinups + Fullbodies default canvas are A4 size or 4000x2250
- NSFW art comes with a fee due to not being able to stream it on twitch.


Fullbody - - - 50$

What to expect
- A fully colored "chibified" artwork of your character with exaggerated proportions.


Cropped View - - - 20$
Blinking - - - 35$

What to expect
- A fully colored cropped artwork of your character made for social media platforms. 500x500

Twitch Icons

Emote - - - 25$ ea
Animated Emote - - - N/A
Sub Badge - - - 15$ ea

What to expect
- Fully colored and to proper scale cropped views of your character for social media. (112x, 56x, + 28x)

Twitch Assets

4 Panels w/ Text - - - 45$
4 Bust Panels - - - 100$+
4 Chibi Panels - - - 150$+
Overlay Package - - - 100$+
Extra Overlay - - - +10-30$
Animation Fee - - +30$

What to expect
- Default is 4 panels or 4 overlays in a pack but they can be added onto.
- Overlays ( Starting Soon, Just Chatting, BRB, and Game/Media Screen) of your preferred features.
- Panels x4 of your preferred features and font.
- You can get artwork put on a panel that has been done by a previous artist. I offered panels with and without artworks.

Prop Design

50$ usd or more

Comes with 2 views (front and back or front and side) unless requested more (extra charge) Also comes with; flat colored, shaded versions, pngs, and a color dropper. These are made as a reference for a detailed view of a prop/accessory/clothing.

Character Sheets

Ref Sheet 100$+ | Custom Designs 150$+
Turnarounds start at 300$

Character sheets are made to be reference(s) for your character. Default sheets come with a fullbody, color picker, and text about your character.
Custom designs are characters without prior proper reference that you'd like my help to create. (need some visual references to work off of)
Turnarounds are made to be as accurate as possible to be on model for 3D model creation, vtubing, or animation. Default comes with 3 views, front, back and side.

Build Your Own Sheet

Default100$+Full frontal view of the character, color picker and name on the sheet.
Add OnPriceDescription
Fullbody+75$An extra full view of the character.
Back View+50$Full view of the character from behind.
Side View+50$Full view of the character from the side.
Expression+40$ eaFacial view of the character.
Chibi+45$ eaChibi fullbody of the character.
Outfit+25$ eaExtra can be added to the chibi or fullbody base.
Items+15$ eaView of the props, accessories, etc.
Likes/Dislikes+15$Comes with 4 likes and 4 dislike icons.
Detail Views+15$ eaDetailed views of an object or highlight parts of the character.